The Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 19 review: Collaborative chaos

The Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 19 reviewTonight, The Big Bang Theory was all about people coming together to interesting results. Specifically, we mean this in terms of Amy and Sheldon (professionally), and then also Raj and Penny.

The idea of Sheldon and Amy working together proved itself to be rather entertaining, mostly because of the fact that Sheldon wanted to make ground rules. Of course, they were all ridiculous and eventually gave way to Amy coming up with her own rules as a way to start to restore a little bit of sanity to the arrangement. The two collaborated on an experiment regarding the inner workings of the mind, and it seemed like the two were making great progress … at first. By the end of the episode, that was strongly disputed as it started to become clear that they really weren’t getting anywhere that they wanted to.

With that said, great use of The Turtles’ “Happy Together” both in this montage and also another wonderful one later that was all about Leonard, Raj, and Penny.

Eventually, the two did get back on track and they figured out that they could have an effective working relationship … even though it started to impact their personal relationship.

Speaking of Leonard, Raj, and Penny…

With Raj now living at the apartment in Sheldon’s room, Leonard quickly found himself the odd man out as Raj started to get involved in everything with Penny, whether it be yoga, shopping, or putting on masks. all of this made some sense — he’s got more in common with Penny than probably anyone else in her life, and he no longer looks at her as some sort of ideal he cannot communicate with.

Unfortunately, it put Leonard in an incredibly-frustrating position since there wasn’t a whole lot he could do in order to fit in. Therefore, he started to hang around with Howard and Bernadette, which certainly didn’t look like it was a whole lot more fun for him. Eventually, Leonard was convinced to confront the two about it, but he didn’t get anywhere. This entire side story was silly — yet, it actually probably was the funnier of the two this week.


Let’s just say that some of these relationships had their ups and downs. Both storylines were fairly separate, but also pretty funny. The main issue is that neither one had much of an ending. What we learned about Sheldon and Amy is that they can work together professionally; meanwhile, Leonard just seemed to get the shaft since his conversation with Raj and Penny didn’t really get him anywhere.

This episode was good from the vantage point of it being a fun way to spend thirty minutes. It may not be all that memorable beyond that. Grade: B.

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