The Blacklist season 4 spoilers: Underground actor checks in for new role

The Blacklist logo any seasonAlas, The Blacklist proper is not on the air tonight, and you do still have a little bit of time to go until you get to see the show again on April 20. (Yes, 4/20 … not that this has any real affiliation with anyone on this show.)

What we’ve got for you today is a little bit of something more to look forward to, at least if you enjoy learning about upcoming guest stars! Per a report coming in now via Entertainment Weekly, Aldis Hodge of Underground fame will be stopping by later this season in the role of Mario Dixon, a powerful high-end thief who is currently a part of the FBI’s Most-Wanted List. He’s more than your ordinary thief, but what may surprise people out there is learning that this guy is not actually set to be a Blacklister.

As for how he’s involved in the story then, that is really anyone’s guess.

When The Blacklist season 4 picks up, we know that one of the central stories is going to be unlocking some of the secrets and the mystery surrounding Dembe. Did he really betray Reddington, or is there something far more mysterious and sinister going when it comes to the story here? That’s something that the upcoming episodes are going to strive to figure out.

Beyond Dembe, one of the other mysteries is whether or not Mr. Kaplan is involved in the plot to take down Red and his entire criminal network. Rest assured, there will also be an episode on that subject coming up — we just don’t know when it will be just yet beyond later this season. Maybe this Mario Dixon character is connected to her, or maybe he’s someone Reddington hires in order to figure out who was responsible for sending Dembe down this path, providing that he didn’t operate alone or was coerced into doing this.

One way or another, one thing feels clear: There’s a lot to look forward to as we get closer and closer to season 4 returning to the air.

(Photo: NBC.)

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