MasterChef Junior interview: Jasmine Stewart on challenges, possible return

Jasmine StewartMasterChef Junior eliminated Jasmine Stewart from the competition Thursday night … or did they? Based on the preview for the next new episode airing tomorrow, it looks as though some of the previously-eliminated home cooks are going to have a chance to reenter the competition and try their luck again at getting the title.

Could Jasmine be one of them? You’ll have to wait and see! For now, we can bring you some of her thoughts on the competition so far, including how she felt when she found out that she’ll have a chance to compete for a new life in the kitchen.

CarterMatt – Why did you want to try out for the show?

Jasmine Stewart – My mom came across the information for the local audition and shared it with me. We thought it would be fun because I enjoy cooking and figured it would be a good experience. As a fan, I thought it would be super cool to have an opportunity to possibly compete on the show.

What was the part of the season that challenged you the most?

The part of the season that challenged me the most was when I was sent home. I really had to force myself to keep going, finish my dish, and not give up on myself. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and I’m very proud of myself. I continue to use this lesson whenever I am faced with something difficult.

On the other hand, what was your favorite moment of being a part of the show?

One of my favorite moments of being a part of the show was getting my apron on the first episode. Without my apron I wouldn’t even have had a chance to compete in this competition. My apron is very special, and I’ll never get another one like it.

Is there any sort of food you wish you’d had a chance to make during the season?

Not really. That’s one of the things I love about the show, because you get to try so many different styles, and cultures of food that I wouldn’t have tried at home. So I got to make a lot of dishes, and use a lot of techniques I already knew, while being challenged with new dishes and techniques.

How excited were you when you found out you were going to get a chance to re-enter the competition?

When I found out that I had the opportunity to compete for the chance to re-enter the competition, I was so excited. When I got sent home I was disappointed, because I knew I could have done better, and gone further. The opportunity for a second chance was awesome! No more 45 minute cupcakes for me!

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