Shark Tank casting call: California, New York, North Carolina entrepreneurs wanted

Shark Tank casting callThe Shark Tank casting call has gone out for 2017 and fans of the show (along with entrepreneurs) are looking at an opportunity of a lifetime. This year the show has an open casting call in California, New York and North Carolina. For those entrepreneurs who have a product or idea, it’s definitely a good idea to consider the opportunity. For those interested, there is a link at the bottom of this article.

In starting from the beginning, potential entrepreneurs can come to the open casting call to give a 1-minute pitch to a member of the show who works with the casting director. This is the first step towards being on the show. It’s a long process, but as many entrepreneurs will tell you, it’s worth it.

A few business folks who are looking for investors display disappointment they won’t see Lori Greiner or Daymond John at the first step, but that’s very unrealistic. After all, this is a reality show based on the idea of finding potential ideas, and proof of the item must be interesting and verified. Not just anybody will be invited to this show.

The Shark Tank casting calls are very civilized. There are no crazy lines similar to American Idol. No overnight camping will be allowed. Instead people get wristbands to showcase their 1-minute opportunity in a very orderly fashion. Folks who have gone to the open auditions stress that you need to be prepared to pitch as soon as you arrive. Think of it as if you were going to be on the show and this was your moment to shine. Of course, if you make the cut, you can refine your moment for the real deal. Remember, your enthusiasm needs to be felt by the Shark Tank crew right out of the gate.

Obviously, thousands of business people apply to be on the show, but only a few succeed. It’s the reality of show business and entrepreneurs can’t be disappointed in giving it a shot. If your idea, product or service is ready for the next level and you feel it might fit on the show, consider showing up at one of the three casting calls. The worst that can happen is they say no (and you keep pursuing your dream as needed.)

Entrepreneurs’ thought of the day: If you’ve always wanted the chance to pitch the Sharks, this is your time. Don’t accept any excuses. Find the casting call closest to you and go. Unless, of course, you have something more important than finding funding for your project. At that point, all I can do is ask that you give my regards to your boss.

(OK, now seriously download the application, look at the dates, and please, offer up no more excuses.)

This column was written by Jodi Jill and if you’re looking for more then be sure to head on over to the link here. Also, you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter! (Photo: ABC.)

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