Chicago Fire season 5 episode 17 review: Disco night at Molly’s

Chicago Fire season 5 episode 17 reviewChicago Fire season 5 episode 17, we learned many different things. For one, Anna was having reservations about living in Chicago. She was missing her friends, and while she loved her job, it was still quite an adjustment period for her.

Also, we learned that Otis was upset that Herrmann never took into consideration any of his ideas for how to improve Molly’s. This came about after Herrmann went along with a pub crawl idea, despite Otis’ opposition, and it ended up being a success. Once Herrmann heard him out, he decided to let Otis’ disco night dream become a reality … right when Severide was trying to show Anna a good time with one of his favorite hangs. Suffice it to say, that didn’t work as expected. The intersection with these stories was pretty fun, all things considered.

Eventually, Severide did find a way to show Anna a good time, and it appears that, for now, she’s going to be sticking around. Fingers crossed that we do eventually see Anna become a full-fledged part of Chicago Med in the future, given that some of the metaphorical seeds there have already been sown.

As for the remainder of the episode…

Dawson, Casey seek justice in their own ways

These two storylines also featured a fun bit of dueling interplay, mostly because of pairing up a life-and-death crisis with something as simple as moving a port-a-potty. For Dawson and Brett, they were incredibly dismayed after realizing that someone was dropping huge chunks of pavement on poor people driving underneath. As a result of that, Dawson especially became drive and intense in her hunt for some serious answers. She did eventually find some with the help of an overworked cop and a bike-shop owner, but it took her and Brett nearly dying in the process. They became a little too close to the truth, and the guy responsible for the attacks tried to turn things around on them.

Meanwhile, Casey tried to appease one of his constituents as Alderman by working to ensure that a noisy construction site was quieted down. He heard the guy out after at first dismissing him as crazy, and realized that some of his problems were legitimate. Yet, it turned out that the compromise solution was so much easier than he first thought. The portable john was moved, and everyone gets to go on about their day.

At the end of the episode, Dawson and Casey did briefly consider their own future and whether or not they’ll have a child. We do believe that the moment for the two of them will come, though it’s pretty clear that they are not at that point just yet.

All in all, this was a surpisingly funny Chicago Fire episode, even though there were some serious moments. While not that much was really accomplished, we’re fine with letting some of these characters breathe and develop while building towards the finale. Episode Grade: B+.

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