New Girl spoilers: Introducing Winston Schmidt; do you like the name?

Schmidt's last nameFor a long time now, New Girl has kept Schmidt’s first name one of its biggest mysteries. However, tonight, they finally lifted the veil once and for all.

As it turned out, Schmidt’s name was ultimately a little bit more predictable than you would have imagined. It’s almost so predictable that we never saw it coming: Winston Schmidt. Nobody wants to have the same name as their friend, since it creates so much confusion. This also leads to SO many more jokes. Obviously, Schmidt differentiates him from Winston, and gives him his own distinctive personality. Still, knowing this name does give us another bit of fun connection between him and Winston (you know, the person we’ve been calling Winston). This had to be odd for one when the two parties first met each other, given that there aren’t that many people out there named Winston. We figure that there are probably more than some super-unusual names out there (see: “Pilot Inspector”), but it’s hardly a Nick or a Jess.

In terms of the story of the show, knowing Schmidt’s first name hardly changes anything given that it doesn’t alter the fabric of the overall series. It doesn’t alter a relationship or change how anyone is planning fur the future. It’s just a bit of fun. We also like how the show revealed it, given that it was subtle and it wasn’t something that was some huge subject of conversation.

Going into the episode, we thought that the first-name reveal was going to be a whole lot bigger of a deal than it was. In retrospect, though, it wasn’t all that big of a deal and we’re fine with that. We also liked it more than we thought we would, given that the writers could’ve easily taken this secret to their grave. Sometimes, there are some secrets that we’re better off not knowing since they’ll never live up to the hype.

What do you think about the big Schmidt name reveal? Share some of your thoughts with a comment below!

Also, be sure to head over here to get some further news regarding the uncertain future of New Girl beyond this season. With this secret out of the way, there may be one less loose end that the show does need to tie up. Personally, we do hope that there is a season 7 coming up at some point, mostly because we feel like one more year would give the show a good chance to offer closure for everyone. (Photo: Fox.)

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