Big Brother Canada 5: How the Neda – Time Warp twist is rearing its head

Time Warp twistGiven that it’s been a reasonably quiet overnight / morning in the Big Brother Canada house (at least in terms of the vote), we figured that this would be a good time to stop back in and touch on what is the biggest twist of the season so far: The Time Warp twist, which is keeping Neda safe from now until the start of the jury.

At the time of the twist coming out, we hated it just because it completely upsets the balance of the game. We also felt like it’d be toxic for Neda’s game because it would make people want to take her out as soon as they possibly could when the jury phase of the game began.

In retrospect, we’d say that the twist probably isn’t poisoning Neda’s game as much as we may have first thought that it would, largely because of the fact that we don’t see the target any bigger or smaller than it was. Neda’s always going to be someone that people want out in this game. Therefore, it just makes some sense that she would be happy about the twist, since it at least buys her time and allows her to work on some relationships. There isn’t that much of a net negative for her getting it.

As for the overall impact on the game, it’s severe this week. Everyone was already afraid of Neda the moment that they saw her in the house. Now, everyone is far more afraid of Neda than they would be otherwise. She wants Cassandra out this week, and it’s hard for anyone to go against the plan given that there’s no real way to target her the coming week. She’s safe, and she’ll have a chance to get revenge on them if they defy her orders this week and try to eliminate Jackie instead. It changes the whole perception of her as a player.

Also, this twist does further amplify the odds of people like Kevin and Bruno going home before jury, just because going after them is the only thing that people who want Neda out can do. Not only are Bruno and Kevin forced to carry the already-big targets that they have, but they also have Neda’s target around their necks.

In the end, we don’t think Neda getting the twist will hurt her as much as we maybe thought it would at the time she first got it. If she makes it to the end, maybe she loses one jury vote. However, she’s done such a good job with her social game so far that even if she didn’t have it, she’s still be in the game. Demetres wasn’t taking her out last week, and she’s now Head of Household. We’ll see where the season goes from here, but for now we’d say the twist impacts people around her more than it does her.

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