Don’t argue with the ‘Sharks’: Foolish entrepreneurs ignore first ‘Shark Tank’ lesson

Sharks Tank“Shark Tank” viewers will agree that are a few business people (a.k.a fools) who walk off the reality show without a penny because of their behavior. Combative verbal behavior to be more exact. Watching the show regularly, “Shark Tank” viewers will notice the know-it-all types who never listen, but always talk. They shockingly will even argue with the Sharks that they are trying to get a deal with.

These frustrated business owners looking for cash talk over the sharks, during important questions the Sharks have and even when they walk out the door. They might have the voice, but they don’t win the fight. Unfortunately, they frame themselves as entrepreneurs with passion who are misunderstood. Viewers who are frustrated with this behavior at home, must consider how the sharks feel trying to decide if the investment is right for them. Armed with cash, the small business owner walks in to present an idea and instead presenting and listening to the response, a verbal argument about who knows better ensues.

As someone who loves the reality show, I find myself always yelling at the TV when someone starts interrupting a Shark to argue. The first word that comes to mind? Shut up! (Yes, technically that’s two words). Nobody wants to deal with someone who is combative, talked over or talked down to. It doesn’t score any goodwill either.

The popular reality show might be all about business, but a few of those entrepreneurs coming for coins have forgotten their manners – and they leave without a dime too. They won the TV battle, but lost the funding opportunity. Plus they develop a reputation of being a difficult business person.

Entrepreneur thought of the day: If you’re looking for an investor for your business, don’t argue to make your point. Take a breath and instinctively find a balance with your banter. Offer to answer questions to get to the direct root of the investors concern or offer up documentation to offset the objection. Bring down the tone and smile. Don’t let a small verbal victory deceive your ego. You can’t take that argument to the bank as it won’t cash.

This column was written by Jodi Jill and if you’re looking for more then be sure to head on over to the link here. Also, you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter! (Photo: ABC.)

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