Veep season 6 episode 1 spoilers: First look at premiere ‘Omaha’

Veep season 6 episode 1Veep season 6 episode 1 is coming your way on HBO April 16, and based on some of the details that we’ve got for it, it sounds as though Selina Meyer is going to continue to put her nose to the grindstone. Granted, it may not have all that much to do with helping the American people so much as it is trying to help herself. She cares about perception, and she knows that the perception of her being President for such a short period of time is far from great.

This brings us to “Omaha,” the first episode of the new season. Based on the synopsis below, there’s going to be a time jump, and we’re going to see several characters struggle with some new circumstances:

“One year after losing the presidency, Selina (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) attempts to secure her legacy. Dan (Reid Scott) tries to ingratiate himself at his new job. Amy’s (Anna Chlumsky) brash D.C.-style personality proves too much for her new co-workers.”

For those wondering, while some things will have changed dramatically for Selina, a few other things will stay the same. For example, Gary will still be around at her beck and call, while you’re also going to see Jonah continue to rise some political ranks despite being utterly incompetent. If this was any other show, the idea of the most clueless former aide rising to power would be completely absurd. However, this is Veep, and with that there’s a pretty good chance that he ends this season as President or something else that is completely absurd.

Speaking of things that are completely absurd, does anyone else think it’s crazy that we are already in the midst of the sixth season of the show? Time flies when you’re having fun! We do also think that one of the other reasons this show really seems to blow by is because you’re talking about a show that only does 8-10 episodes a year. That keeps you from ever getting tired or used to the show in a way that is bad. Sometimes, shows that are on for so long can become tired, or viewers start to take them for granted. That isn’t happening here so far.

What do you want to see on Veep in both the season 6 premiere and beyond? Let us know some of your early thoughts and hopes now in the comments! (Photo: HBO.)

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