Could a Grimm season 7 ever happen on NBC?

Grimm season 7Tonight on NBC, the story formally concludes with the Grimm series finale … but is it really the series finale? Is there hope for a Grimm season 7 down the road?

We should start by making it rather clear that we totally understand the desire to want to look further towards the future and wonder if you could get another opportunity to see these characters back. We’re in an era where rampant revivals happen all of the time, and you want to certainly think that they could happen for a show like this. Wouldn’t you want to see a Grimm season 7? Depending on how the show ends tonight, we’d say so just because this show remains a tremendous Friday-night escape, and something that many people out there understandably love and look forward to. We’re in a culture of instant gratification, and one where we often tend to get what we want when it comes to entertainment options. Therefore, if we want / demand more Grimm, odds are that someone out there is going to be inclined to give it to us.

Unfortunately, it does not appear as though this is happening. There are no plans at present for there to be a Grimm season 7, and the series finale tonight was specifically billed as a final episode. The thing to remember here is that while we do have things like The X-Files and Prison Break that are coming back, the sweeping majority of shows have a series finale and that’s it. More than that, many shows are lucky to even have a series finale. It’s almost selfish to ask for more. That’s not stopping us from doing it, but we understand that it’s a request that is in some ways rather difficult to fulfill.

Ultimately, the best philosophy to take when it comes to a Grimm season 7 is to keep hoping for some extension of the brand, but don’t expect anything. Be happy for the show that you have, and maybe if we’re lucky we will get a chance to see something further in the world down the line. There are no guarantees, but given some of the crazy things that we’ve seen in this world over the years, it’s fairly easy to imagine the sort of insane stories that could continue to be told.

To get some other news when it comes to Grimm, including some further thoughts on the series finale and more, head over to the link here. (Photo: NBC.)

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