Chicago Justice episode 6 review: Using the past to determine the future

Chicago Justice episode 6 reviewWithin this Chicago Justice episode 6 review, double jeopardy became a hot subject of conversation. Specifically, we mean this in terms of Peter Stone’s resolve in order to ensure a way to bring a man in Beckett to justice for some of his past and present crimes.

What we learned about this man, a longtime nemesis of Peter Stone’s, was that he had found a way to get out of getting a guilty verdict many years ago because of him finding a way to bribe a juror. His farm burned down, there was a dead body, and he proved to be a rather difficult customer.

What the show did well with this story was craft a character who could make some compelling arguments and challenge Stone. While we certainly knew that Beckett was guilty, the challenge was figuring out the way in which to get this guy once and for all for both his past and future crimes. He was a charismatic guy, and he could craft a narrative about him being a humble farmer who was screwed over by the government for some crimes that constituted cruel and unusual punishment. He was a guy who put a good bit into trying to make the public want to believe him and much of what he had to say.

Through much of the trial, you saw Stone try to find a way to break through this charisma and get the truth, and he finally did in a meeting after the fact. It just so turned out that it was the way Beckett wrangled pigs that was the missing link. That gave Stone and Valdez the narrative necessary to prove that they had a compelling argument, one that would sway the jury if nothing else. They were able to sort the case out without having the jury render a verdict — which is probably good given that Beckett already proved to have a rather great habit of paying people off.

At the tail end of the episode, we had another lovely trip to Molly’s, where everyone was able to celebrate everything that they do. There was also a good, heartfelt moment between Stone and Antonio, as well.

Our overall take

The great thing about Chicago Justice is that almost every episode is like a puzzle, and you get to watch Stone and the rest of the team figure out a way to resolve it. In this episode, we saw just how difficult it was for Stone to convict Beckett. Grade: B+.

What’s next

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