New Girl season 6: Schmidt’s first name to finally be revealed

Schmidt's last nameWith the future of New Girl on Fox beyond season 6 currently unclear, the show is certainly going to be pulling out all of the stops in some of its final episodes. As a matter of fact, Tuesday’s installment looks to be a key one where one of the biggest mysteries of the entire series is resolved: Schmidt’s first name.

For more on that, check out the brief tease below as shared on Twitter by star Hannah Simone. It’s been six seasons in the making, and there have been jokes here and there about there being good reasons why Schmidt goes by his last name while omitting the first altogether.

While it’s possible that making this move now could be a way to give the series a slight ratings bump to help convince executives to give them one more season, we personally don’t like the idea of knowing this all that much. There are some TV mysteries out there that are better off a mystery, mostly because after so much hype there’s not all that much that can come from people knowing the answer. Take, for example Sex and the City finally revealing that Mr. Big’s first name for the entire series was “John.” We spent all that time not knowing, only to have it be the most common first name ever the entire time. There’s just not all that much play that such a reveal gets you other than people arguing that it should’ve been something other than what it was.

Who knows? Maybe the show will surprise us. If the writers are clever enough, there are ways that such a reveal can tie into the rest of the story, or be off the wall in a way that’s incredibly funny. One of the things that we’re the most curious about is if the writers have had a locked-in idea as to what Schmidt’s first name was for the entirety of the series, and are just getting around now to the point of actually unveiling it.

What do you think Schmidt’s first name should be, and is there any way that this reveal will be worth the wait in your mind? Share now in the comments!

If you want to get some other news on the future of New Girl and much more, just be sure to head over to the link here. (Photo: Fox.)

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