Liv and Maddie season 5: Could it ever happen?

Liv and Maddie season 5Is a Liv and Maddie season 5 something that could be in the cards someday on the Disney Channel? It’s a fun idea to think about, but it’s not something that we’d recommend going into the series finale airing a little bit later tonight.

The big thing to remember with shows geared towards younger audiences in general is that there is often a pretty good reason why they have a short run — the audiences are younger, and with that, there are also fewer opportunities out there to keep a show on the air. Viewers move on to other things — they hold a sweet spot for the show in their heart, but they don’t end up watching it regularly.

With this in mind, the best hope for a Liv and Maddie season 5 is something many years down the road as opposed to a revival at some point in 2018. When viewers are a little older — and the same goes for the cast — maybe there will be an interest in some sort of reunion. It’s hard to imagine another full season, but we can see interested viewers coming back for an update that makes them nostalgic and reminisce over a different time in their life. Nostalgia is huge these days, but there may be an expiration date to it. This is one of the things that we’ve learned from some of the other revivals that have come through the pipeline the past few years — they get huge ratings out of the gate, but it becomes hard to sustain it over time when it becomes commonplace to have the show around again.

If there ever is anything more to report on when it comes to the future of Liv and Maddie, rest assured that we’ll have some of that information for you here. Our advice is to just enjoy the finale for what it is, don’t expect anything else down the road, and then be surprised in the event that there is something else that comes up.

For the time being, what we want to know from you is this: If Liv and Maddie were to ever return to the air, would you be interested in watching it again? Be sure to sound off on the subject in the comments! (Photo: Disney Channel.)

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