Grace and Frankie season 4: Renewal hopes for Jane Fonda – Lily Tomlin series

Grace and Frankie season 4

Are you ready to see a Grace and Frankie season 4 happen? If so, we imagine that you are like the majority of the other viewers for the show out there.

At the moment, here is where things stand. The third season is starting to stream on Netflix today, and there wasn’t much an indication that this will be the final season of the show. As a matter of fact, all advance indications are that the show is going to be coming back, given that both Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin seem to love filming it. As a matter of fact, the two would be open to doing even more of it than they currently do.

As a matter of fact, the two parties said in an interview with Indiewire last year that they would be open to doing even more seasons of the show with less time in between. That’s a clear testament to just how much the two parties seem to enjoy working on the show. A big part of that is likely just that this is a show so different than many others that are out there. It gives these two actresses the best roles in a television format that they will probably find across the entire landscape — and it’s also very funny. The fan following seems to be there, and they have one of the most supportive partners in the world.

While Netflix doesn’t tend to release many indicators as to how some of their shows are faring, the general rule here seems to be that if there are people talking about your show en masse, it’ll be brought back. One of the appeals to this show is that Fonda and Tomlin are so recognizable to older users that they are liable to check out an episode or two even if they haven’t heard of the show before. It’s a similar effect to a product like Fuller House, where you see the name and there will immediately be a crowd of people out there interested.

In the end, we’ll let you know when the show returns — after all, we do think that this is a situation of “when” far more than it is one of “if.” There are plenty of reasons to be confident in the show’s future at present.

Feel free to share your thoughts and reactions to Grace and Frankie season 3 in the comments below! (Photo: Netflix.)

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