Supergirl season 2 episode 17 photo: Alex, Maggie, and an ex

Supergirl season 2 episode 17 photoSupergirl season 2 episode 17 will be airing on The CW in just a matter of days, and there are going to be a fair share of happy moments. It just so happens that there will also be some awkward ones as well.

In the photo above, you can see specifically what one of these said moments will be as Alex and Maggie get a visit from none other than Maggie’s ex (Hayley Sales), who seems to run into the two of them in a completely out-of-the-blue moment. She introduces herself, and they all share a few pleasantries with one another. It’s a moment that may be one of the most relatable things that you see happen on this show. After all, we’ve all been in an awkward position where we run into someone we don’t expect to, and have to deal with the consequences of it.

Will there be any problems between Alex and Maggie as a result of this unexpected meetup? It may be easy to have random theories based on it, but as we’ve said a few times before, it almost seems like a little bit of a disservice to the relationship between these two to think that there two are going to be in trouble just because of an ex popping up and shaking Maggie’s hand again. They’ve got a solid relationship and they’ve been through a good bit of stuff already.

If anything, we imagine that the big note of importance from Maggie’s ex showing back up is that it will help her to realize more of how she’s evolved as a person, and how she is now in a much better place than she was through her previous relationship.

The only other thing you have to wonder is just how much time these characters are even going to have to catch up, given that you also have to remember for a minute here that we’re going to be seeing in the episode Kara be hunted because of a bounty that’s been put on her head. while we don’t know the person responsible for certain, it feels fair to assume that a certain Mon-El’s parents could be involved given that they want their son with them.

Want to see a video preview for this episode? Then you can do by heading over to the link here.

Meanwhile, be sure to tell us what you want to see from the Maggie – Alex relationship, and this episode, in the comments. (Photo: The CW.)

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