Ballers season 3 spoilers: Steve Guttenberg set to recur

Steve Guttenberg -While Ballers season 3 may already have plenty of star power in the form of Dwayne Johnson, it’s also landed another slice of comedy royalty in the form of Steve Guttenberg.

According to report from Deadline, the Police Academy veteran is going to recur throughout the upcoming season as Wayne Hastings Jr., a Las Vegas billionaire and someone who has quite a bit to do in the casino world. How he fits into the world of professional football and the sports-business side of things remains to be seen, but we know that Ballers season 3 has some more opportunities to dive into the party world of Las Vegas. The show’s moved production from Florida to California, and they’re now far closer to Sin City if they want to do some work on-location.

Also, there are some other connections that exist out there when it comes to sports and Vegas. For one, you’ve got the Vegas Golden Knights hockey team that’s going to be kicking off in the fall. Meanwhile, there are talks about moving the Oakland Raiders there for the upcoming NFL season, as well. Even without all of the professional involvement, Vegas remains a frequent party spot where NFL players can have a great time and indulge without dealing with some of the issues they’d encounter wherever their home city is.

Hopefully, this story helps to get the show even more in-depth with the NFL world. There are occasions where it does tend to be a little on-the-nose and playing to the casual crowd, but we think there are enough football fans out there who are so well-versed in the sport that the writers don’t need to do that as often. With Guttenberg on board, we do know that there is going to be a lot of great comedy here, and that’s something worthy of celebration.

This is not the only casting news that we’ve gotten in terms of Ballers season 3 — we also learned recently that Serinda Swan of Graceland fame is going to be playing a role. She’s been working on that prior to her upcoming high-profile role of Marvel’s The Inhumans, which is going to air on ABC for the upcoming 2017-18 season.

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Meanwhile, be sure to head over here to see precisely when Ballers season 3 is going to premiere on HBO. (Photo: HBO.)

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