Scorpion season 3 episode 20 review: Sylvester knights Cabe

There were many things to like within Scorpion season 3 episode 20, but there were also a few other moments to downright love. Seeing Sylvester’s quest to try and knight Cabe has to fall within the “love” category after everything that Cabe did in order to help him save the comic-book store and his campaign.

Here’s the problem: Cabe did not seem all that eager when it comes to going along with the request. His pride got in the way, and that turned out to be rather funny as we moved along into “Broken Wind.”

The crisis of the week this week took place at what was basically a wind generator that went awry, and a situation that led to Paige and Happy dangling by a thread, in danger of losing their lives. The show does tend to love creating these situations where they put their characters through hell right before a crisis, and they did that here by having Paige and Happy get into a fight over her wedding. Happy didn’t want to talk about it want help with it, which led to her insinuating that Paige was nothing more than a “cheerleader.” Paige did not take that well, and what we had from here was a series of arguments right before it was, ironically, Paige’s cheer skills that kept them safe.

If there is one thing that we’d change about the Paige / Happy dynamic this week, it would be replacing some of the exposition and the convenient plot points with humor. Of course cheerleading, for example, ended up paying off, just like of course the two parties came together and forgave each other in the end.

Now, let’s get back to Cabe and Sylvester

In order to help save Paige and Happy, we saw Cabe try to commandeer a gun in order to shoot at him. Yet, it was Sylvester who got the gun because of his LARPing ties … and to think, Cabe didn’t want to be knighted!

One of the other fun storylines, Toby ended up making Paige his Best Ma’am as a way to say thank-you in order for saving her life. Meanwhile, Happy decided to name Sylvester, Walter, and Cabe her Dudes of Honor. It was a fun ending … and things became even more fun when Cabe ended up taking the knee! This was ridiculous, but the idea of seeing Robert Patrick take a knee for the sake of making Sylvester feel good about himself was a really nice, joyous way to close the hour. In between that and Paige / Walter having a nice moment, we got everything we wanted.


“Broken Wind” was fun. It had some danger, but we do think this show revolves around the character moments more than anything. Luckily, this story had some of the best character moments of the season. Grade: B.

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