Legends of Tomorrow season 2 spoilers: First look at Wentworth Miller’s return

Legends of Tomorrow season 2 spoilers -There have been teases for some time that Wentworth Miller would be returning as Leonard Snart on Legends of Tomorrow season 2, so isn’t it nice to actually have some photographic proof for a change as to what’s coming up on the next new episode?

As the image above indicates perfectly, you’re going to get a chance to see Miller return in some capacity as Leonard Snart, and he will in fact be joining the Legion of Doom! However, the circumstances of said return are still a mystery, and to go along with that, Rory’s still going to believe that he is dreaming at first in terms of seeing his former friend and team member. As far as he knows, Snart died at the end of last season.

In speaking about this further, executive producer Marc Guggenheim had the following message to pass along in a new Entertainment Weekly interview:

“What is fun about it is Rory’s reaction, because the last time Rory saw Snart, he was a hallucination … So when he sees Snart again, he very understandably thinks he’s hallucinating again. So, as with all things Legends, the moment is played for comedic effect.”

What we do like about the appearance from Miller is rather simple: He’s a great actor playing a great character, and really his departure this season has simply made us recognize precisely just how much we miss him being a part of this world. Even an Evil Snart is better than no Snart at all. The one thing we do wish was being brought up, but probably won’t be mentioned in the near future, is the relationship that exists between Snart and Sara Lance. These two shared a kiss at the end of the first season of the show, but there is probably not going to be time to dive into this given just how much story there is still to go this season. Also, there’s another issue here in that we don’t know if this Snart has any recollection of what happened with the Legends at all. Like some of the other characters on the show, he may have been plucked from an earlier timeline.

What do you think about this photo, and are you excited to see more of Snart on Legends of Tomorrow season 2? Be sure to share in the comments!

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