Hawaii Five-0 season 7 episode 22 review: McGarrett’s grandfather; Adam’s mission

Hawaii Five-0 season 7 episode 22 reviewWe are getting ever closer to the season 7 finale of Hawaii Five-0 next month, and with that in mind, tonight’s episode did a good job of raising the emotional stakes. It didn’t necessarily touch on much in the way of long-term storylines, but we did have a heck of a powerful one for McGarrett contained within the episode.

Following the death of a survivor from the USS Arizona, Steve had to do what he could to figure out precisely what happened to the guy. This was a case he was emotionally invested in thanks to his grandfather, and things became all the more interesting after a string of recent robberies seemed to be connected to the military. The closer that Steve and the rest of the team got to uncover the truth, the more dangerous things became. It turned out that one of the people they were after was a man named Ryder with a history in Afghanistan. He was trained in everything that could make him just as dangerous as any soldier, and he was a part of something greater: A private security firm who, after being let go of a contract, decided to start hit up military credit unions.

Unfortunately, it was going to be hard for McGarrett to get anything out of Ryder following what happened to him. Therefore, they planned a stakeout … but one that definitely did not work. Instead, McGarrett got an offer for a sit-down, one that didn’t really result in much other than bluster and the chest-puffing. Basically, the security form was running their business (in Steve’s own words) like a “death squad,” and they were bitter that the U.S. government supposedly turned their backs on them.

As it did turn out, there was a little bit more of a personal reason behind some of these operations, but it ultimately didn’t matter. What happened here in the episode still happened, and what it led to still was arguably one of the craziest, most violent encounters we’ve seen on the show. Steve was bloodied, beaten, and almost lost his life getting justice for the late USS Arizona veteran, but he succeeded. We just wonder how much some of these deaths will stick with him.

What McGarrett learned

In the process of doing the investigation, his research on the deceased led him to discover precisely what his grandfather did in order to help save so many other lives. It was a sacrifice that, before then, he didn’t know about.

Jerry’s on the case!

Last week, Jerry received a badge after so much hard work, and tonight he already found himself in a compromising position thanks to Adam. After finding some mysterious bones, he wanted to try to figure out what their origin was. However, he realized that if the police got too heavily involved, it would shut down the construction site and he and some other guys could be out of the job. He kept this from the rest of the team, but felt like he had to.

What Jerry told Adam to do was go and procure one of the bones so that they could look at it. Unfortunately in doing so, a situation arose soon after that where he learned his boss had installed security cameras. He was caught looking for the bones, and was fired sooner after that. While this made things very difficult on Adam, he still wanted to work with Jerry on the investigation. He just had to figure out the right way to tell Kono.

Before that happened, though, Adam was hot on the trail of the original owner of the site, who may have had something to hide when it comes to the site. He constructed a plan, executed it, and was able to prove that the bones were hidden at the site in a malicious way. The original owner was arrested, and the site was eventually shut down.

The biggest thing Kono was upset about what why Adam didn’t tell her about the bones; he told her that he was afraid of letting her down, and the two seem to be on the same page moving out of the episode.


A very solid episode of the show. We had at times concerns about the violence not sticking with McGarrett enough in the end, but the closing minutes proved that the case and what he learned about his grandfather did leave him thinking about the past. In the closing minutes, he dug up some old memories and a dog tag to remember him by. Grade: B+.

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