TV Madness 2017: Chicago PD and Black Sails close out Round Two

Today marks the final showdown in Round Two of our TV Madness 2017 Tournament, and we must start first of all with yet another thank-you to our readers! The tournament’s been a great success once again this year, and we’re glad to see that everyone is having so much fun with it and embracing the whole purpose of the event: Celebrating great television. Hopefully your favorite shows are advancing, and maybe you’re discovering a new show or two worth checking out along the way.

Today, the focus is on two shows in Chicago PD and Black Sails that are certainly rather different from each other. In the case of Chicago PD, it’s a story about stopping the bad guys. Meanwhile the other at times features characters who relish being the bad guys. This one will be fun, and we encourage you to vote early and often to get your favorite into round 3! The polls will close here on March 24, which is when the winner will face off against either Sherlock or The Fall.

Chicago PD (#3 seed) – What makes this show so popular even in a seat of similar crime dramas? Much of it starts and ends with the characters. These are people you want to get behind and root for, and the Chicago PD story does also take an approach to police-work that is very different than many other series that are out there. You see more of the procedure, the rules that the police must follow, and then also sometimes these same people breaking said rules. It’s compelling because you never quite know how each episode is going to end. Within this world, there really is nothing that is guaranteed.

Black Sails (#7 seed) – What a Cinderella story we’re seeing from the pirate drama so far. It started as the winner of our play-in battle, and it earned a #7 seed as a result of that. Then, it managed to unseat This Is Us in pretty dominant fashion in the first actual round of voting. It’s going up against another popular show now, and you have to wonder if it can keep this momentum going. It’s got two things really going for it in an underdog story like no other, and also momentum that comes with this being so close to the end of the series as a whole. Winning the tournament is a great way to send it off.

Now, we turn this over to you! Vote however often you want; note that if you are viewing the AMP page on mobile and you can’t see the poll, scroll to the bottom of the article and click to view the non-AMP version of the page.

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