Once Upon a Time season 6: The aftermath of that Captain Swan moment

Captain Swan -Mrs. Carter: Is the Captain Swan ‘ship going to crash following Sunday’s Once Upon a Time episode?

In the closing minutes of the installment, we saw Emma actually discover Hook’s engagement ring, which put him in a position where he felt that he had to go through with the proposal. It changed his plan, given that before that, what we saw was him deciding that he would tell her the truth about Charming’s father, something that he had only really discovered the episode prior. He wanted to do the right thing, but when he got in that moment, he felt the pressure and ended up doing the wrong thing instead.

In speaking further on the subject to Entertainment Weekly, Colin O’Donoghue did a good job of making it clear his reaction to the scene, and some of the things that the character could’ve done differently to make things better in the moment:

“… He makes the wrong decision … He should just say, ‘Hold on a second. Before we do this, I should let you know that this is the case,’ but I think, yet again, it’s a case of Hook making a spur of the minute wrong decision, which he regrets — he doesn’t regret the fact that they’re engaged, he regrets the circumstances and what went on behind it.”

Well, this is Once Upon a Time, and with that in mind, it’s not all that hard to imagine that there will be some consequences to this action. You do have to remember for a minute here that things have a way of coming out, and this also isn’t the same Hook he once was. This is a man with a far greater capacity to feel guilt, and eventually many of the feelings that he has over the issue may eventually lead to him confessing. This is only going to be something that he can hold in his feelings on for so long before they end up exploding. Let’s just hope that Captain Swan survives it, since trust is one of the focal points of their relationship and he’s just violated it. He better hope that he comes to her with the truth before someone else does.

What do you think is going to happen with Captain Swan after the proposal, and with that secret in mind? Share in the comments below!

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