Black Sails season 4 episode 9 promo: Skeleton Island and the finale approach

Black Sails season 4 episode 9In one week’s time, Black Sails season 4 episode 9 will be upon us on Starz, and based on most of the early indications that are out there, all signs point to this being a story that is every big as eventful and crazy as you could possibly want. We’re getting near the series finale now, and as a result of that, we will end up seeing a confrontation looming regarding Captain Flint. There’s been a huge spectre hanging over the entire series thanks to Treasure Island, and it could be getting time where this finally comes home to roost for the first time.

If we do see the fate of Captain Flint revealed on this series, it’s almost surely going to be more emotionally resonant than we ever figured that it could be. Just look at the journey for the series so far, and the attachment we’ve had, one way or another, to mane of the characters. It’s been unexpected, but also fascinating and at times joyous.

Synopsis – “Silver and his men hunt for Flint on Skeleton Island; Madi receives an offer; Rogers struggles to hear Eleanor; Billy casts his lot.”

This is just a small sliver of what’s to come, but what remains a point of curiosity to us is what will become of some of the show’s less-famous characters. We do think that there’s mystery there, and a chance to pay off the epic journey of the season.

Promo – All you have to do is watch this in order to know that things are not going to be going well for Flint … at all. You’ve got a hunt, a chest, some violence, and careful plotting. It’s all still so shocking in a way that this is really just all the foundation for another story! This is a show that may have some subdued moments here and there, but it’s becoming all the more clear that it’s going out with a bang much more than a whimper.

If you are interested in getting some further news right now regarding Black Sails and the future of the show, we hope that you follow our advice and head over to the link here! We imagine that there will be some sneak peeks and other things to discuss soon.

What do you think is coming on Black Sails season 4 episode 9? Be sure to share your thoughts, hopes, expectations, and more in the comments! (Photo: Starz.)

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