Once Upon a Time season 6: If Snow and Charming leave, how could it happen?

Snow and Charming -Are Snow and Charming leaving Once Upon a Time after the sixth season? At the moment, that’s still unclear. What we do know for the time being is that the possibility of it is fluttering out there in the wind given that Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas don’t have a contract for season 7, and we haven’t heard anything about the two of them being in negotiations either.

If the two characters do exit, especially if it was their decision to do so, it puts the show in a difficult position. Out of respect for all of the other people who work on the show, you don’t want to just pack up your stuff and go home. Meanwhile, you also have to respect the fact that these are beloved characters and you can’t just pretend like them leaving is a small thing in the big picture. It matters significantly, and it changes the entire show and everyone who takes part in some of it.

So how do you write off the characters? There are two easy solutions in our mind, but remember that just because it’s easy doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. These could prove to be more than a little complicated once you really start to look at how they would work.

1. Separate Snow and Charming from the group – Maybe the two decide that they’re going to go off and live as a family somewhere peaceful. Hey, remember that they’re parents to more than just Emma, even though it rarely seems to be addressed these days and we have no idea who’s looking after Neal much of the time. It’d make sense that at this point, they want a peaceful life after being separated and cursed for most of the season.

In writing them out this way, the show makes it easier to keep Storybrooke and other familiar elements in play. The downside is that it would feel rather strange for these two characters to flee from Storybrooke away from their daughter and everything going on there.

2. Send off many of your regulars to another realm – Maybe this is like season 3 in Neverland where you simply throw many characters into a different part of the universe or a dimension. It resolves the problem of where Snow and Charming are, since you can simply leave them back in Storybrooke. However, in executing this plan you also put yourself in a major pickle given that it makes it harder to use many of your other recurring characters from the town.

Bonus Theory – Snow and Charming are cursed for a season. We don’t really like this idea. It’s depressing. They’ve been through enough already this season. It’s better that you just give them a chance to have happiness somewhere.

There’s a new episode of Once Upon a Time season 6 airing later tonight; head over here to get a sneak preview for it!

How do you think Snow and Charming could be written out, provided that they leave the show? Share in the comments below! (Photo: ABC.)

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