Big Brother Canada 5 spoilers: Week 2 Veto winner revealed!

Week 2 Veto winner -Who was the week 2 Veto winner in the Big Brother Canada 5 house? We’ve got the spoilers for you from the live feed below…

Before we get to that. Let’s set the stage for a minute here. Demetres, Dillon, Emily, Dre, Karen, and Neda were the people all taking part in the Power of Veto Competition today, and we know that the winner of this said competition is going to have some key decisions. There’s been a ton of conversation about taking out a veteran from the game. Cassandra’s tried to convince some of the newbies to take out Bruno. However, Demetres is working with many of the other vets including Bruno and Kevin, and they’ve floated out several names including Dallas as possibilities.

We know that for Demetres, he’s interested in simply getting Dillon out of the game and being done with it, but there are plenty of people in the game who love the idea of the two parties battling each other constantly.

So who won? Here’s your answer: Dillon! He managed to take home both that and seemingly a monetary prize, and it looks as though Demestres is now stuck between two different sides when it comes to the replacement nominee. Cassandra’s been gunning for Bruno for most of the week, but it seems more like Dallas will be the target based on what Kevin, Ika, Neda, Bruno, and Sindy are trying to push. This is a group that has tried to aligned themselves with him and make him feel like he’s a part of it. Dallas is extremely paranoid, and that doesn’t really help matters for him.

Could things change? Sure, since Cass is pushing hard. Maybe she wins out, or maybe she overplays to such a big degree that we end up seeing a situation where everyone just decides that it’s better to just get rid of her when they’ve got the opportunity to do so. One way or another, though, it appears that for now we’re going to be seeing a vet go up on the block and potentially leave in the second week in the game. This will make things far more interesting as we get closer to the next eviction show when the drama unravels.

What do you think the Veto winner means for the rest of the week? Be sure to share some of your thoughts now in the comments! (Photo: Global.)

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