Could a Teen Wolf reboot happen after season 6?

Teen Wolf reboot -Yesterday, there was some news that came out that certainly surprised a good many people within the TV world: Scream season 3, once it arrives on MTV, could end up being a rebooted version of the franchise. What this means effectively is that there will be new characters and potentially a new and completely-different story to what we saw on the second season of the show.

This is a bold move for that show to make, especially since the ratings weren’t all that good the last time that it was on the air. Yet, we’ll see precisely how that ends up influencing the ratings and the future decisions of MTV as a network. This does bring us to the question at the heart of this article: Could a Teen Wolf reboot ever happen? Is this something that we could feasibly see? While in some ways it’d be shocking and all sorts of weird, at the same time it’s easy to imagine it coming to pass a few years down the road.

The one thing we think for sure is that the tale of Scott McCall is done after season 6, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Teen Wolf in its current iteration had a great run, and there’s nothing to be altogether bummed-out or upset about in the event that the show does end. It’s going to get a real conclusion, even in the way that a Scream season 2 did not. We suppose it’s feasible that you could do a spin-off about Liam or one of the younger characters, but we also think that this is fairly unlikely to happen.

What’s more feasible is maybe three or four years down the road, the network bringing in a new generation of characters. In doing so, these people wouldn’t have to worry as much about being directly compared to the people who came before them. Meanwhile, beyond that there could be a new generation of viewers eager to see some of these stories play out. MTV needs solid ratings for one of their scripted programs, and even with this lower-rated final season, Teen Wolf is still one of their stronger franchises.

As far as we know, there are no Teen Wolf reboot plans. With that said, don’t rule out anything down the line. There’s always a chance that someone could have an interesting idea that they never saw coming before arriving to a certain point.

Do you think that a Teen Wolf reboot could happen? Should it? Share below!

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