The Walking Dead fans should give Into the Badlands season 2 a chance

Into the Badlands season 2 -The Into the Badlands season 2 premiere is coming to AMC on Sunday. Unfortunately, some people aren’t excited to see it it.

Specifically, we’re talking about a select group of Walking Dead fans who attack the majority of its videos on YouTube, complain about it on social media, or feel like the network’s aggressive promotion of the show ruins it in some ways. In some ways, we understand it — the network is doing something for the show that is both a blessing and a curse. In airing the martial-arts series directly after the zombie drama, they’re giving it the best possible chance to get great ratings. It did that when it followed The Walking Dead for much of the sixth season.

However, in doing this the network is also painting a giant target on the show’s back, since it’s doing something that The Walking Dead fans feel is taking away from their own enjoyment of the show. The Into the Badlands season 2 premiere is pushing back Talking Dead, and the show’s also going to be promoted pretty heavily during The Walking Dead Sunday night. We even know that they’ve placed ads for it within a new Walking Dead sneak peek.

The irony in the midst of everything here is that we do think that a good percentage of the fans of The Walking Dead may find something to like about Into the Badlands if they were able to view it a little less cynically than they do. It’s a show with compelling performances, relentless action, and a cool mythology. There are very few shows on television like it, where you’re getting effectively an action movie almost every week where so many people are doing dangerous stunts and karate moves. This is in part why AMC is so intent on trying to promote the show heavily. They want it to shine because they know they’ve got something special. It doesn’t have the property of a show like The Walking Dead backing it up, and in this era of hyper-competition, it needs every bit of help that it can get.

If you’re made at AMC for the way they’re messing with Talking Dead, we get it — just don’t blame Into the Badlands for it, given that this isn’t a situation where the producers are trying to mess with your Sunday ritual. They’re just trying to create a great show, and in the end, we feel like they have. We just hope that you give it a chance and enjoy it.

If you want to see the latest Into the Badlands season 2 video, take a look below! We’re going to be back with some further coverage of the show tomorrow — stay tuned! We hope that you check out the show if you love action and haven’t already.

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