Big Brother Canada 5 live feed spoilers: Possible nominations and alliances

Possible nominations -We’ve taken our time in presenting one of our first Big Brother Canada 5 live feed spoiler articles of the season, mostly because there is still so much going on in the game and we want to ensure that some of the information is accurate.

As of Friday at around 6:00 p.m. Big Brother Canada Time, here’s what we know. Demetres is the Head of Household, and there are multiple different factions trying to manipulate him. Ika seems to have his hear, which is good because she and Neda are in part running much of the game in our eyes. Sindy is reasonably close to them, but is clearly the #3 in that alliance. They seem to have Demetres set on putting Dillon and his flirtmance partner Emily on the block. There are several backdoor targets that could come up from there depending on what happens. Cassandra, for example, would like to see Bruno go, since she feels he’s really well-connected with everyone. However, Cass is the target for many other people in the game, and Dallas could also be in danger. they seem to be mostly on the bottom of the veterans’ crew. Ika and Gary both are, to a certain extent, trying to be friends with everyone.

Beyond the possible nominations, it feels like some of the trouble with Cassandra stems from her talking a little too much to too many different people, and she also seemed to act a little too upset that Neda got the Time Warp power over here. She entered the game with perhaps an over-inflated sense of ego, and it’s coming back to bite her. Gary seems to be a good ally for her in that he could help to calm her, somewhat similar to what Tim did for her last year.

Oh, and we should also mention that there are people who want Karen out, especially since she seems to be somewhat on her own in the game at the moment. Many of the newbies are just fluttering around; William’s been almost a ghost on feeds. Jackie and Dre were HILARIOUS last night, mostly because the booze was flowing and we got drunken feeds in a way we very rarely do.

Who’s the best player so far?

It may be Kevin based on what we’ve see. We didn’t think he could do it, but he’s managed to severely minimize the target on his back. While he’s been brought up as a target, almost every veteran has. The important thing is that he seems to have some social inroads with almost everyone and he’s done a good job of making friends and bonding with people. This is the Kevin we can see winning this game as opposed to the one from season 3.

If you missed it…

Head over here to read our exit interview with Mark from earlier in the day. (Photo: Global.)

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