Chicago Med season 2 episode 17 review: Who died?

We want to start of this Chicago Med season 2 episode 17 review by answering the question in the title: Who died? We don’t want to make you wait too much longer, given just how much time you were left waiting during the season as it was to start to get a little more answers.

Within the opening moments of the episode, we learned that it was Jason Wheeler who committed suicide by allowing himself to fall off the top of the building. To call this devastating would be an understatement, especially for some of the other doctors. Ultimately, we didn’t know the Wheeler character all that well, so it was hard to necessarily feel a deep personal connection to him specifically. As a result of that, “Monday Mourning” was a story more about how other characters were reacting to precisely what happened.

Specifically, the news hit Dr. Reese the hardest, and understandably so when you consider her job. She took it heavily upon herself to be able to ensure what was going on with her patients, and as a result of that, she felt completely guilty that she missed something with a person she worked with on an almost-daily basis. Dr. Charles told her not to blame herself for what happened, but you could clearly see him impacted by what happened in his own way. He was stuck absorbing so much of the pain from other people, and he didn’t have anyone to share his thoughts with at all.

This is where Reese took things upon herself in order to check in on Charles and make sure that he was doing all right. In his words, he was awful, and he wasn’t the only one as Wheeler’s death took a toll on a wide array of different people within the hospital.

Other sources of heartache

For Dr. Manning, what we saw tonight was the case of Dustin, a young man who suffered an accident that nearly killed him. She had to figure out a way to bring him back to life effectively, especially when it comes to getting his heartbeat going and warming up his body temperature. At the same time, the other doctors had to do their part in order to help the man who was responsible for saving him. There were questions abounding in the episode as for the preparedness of some of the other doctors, especially from Dr. Choi as he questioned whether or not everyone was in the right frame of mind to operate.

Our overall take

While in some ways we expected the death tonight to be even bigger, it still resonated throughout the entire episode, even to the point where the potential end of the Tate / April relationship fell on the back burner. He made it clear that he loved her, but he also imagined a different life than the one that they had. She removed the engagement ring, and that was another powerful moment in an episode that probably sent a flood of tears into your living room. Grade: B+.

What did you think about Thursday’s Chicago Med season 2 episode 17? Were you surprised by who died? Share in the comments below.

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