Big Brother Canada 5 spoilers: Was Mark Chrysler, Demetres Giannitsos first one evicted?

First one evictedTonight, Big Brother Canada 5 had their first eviction show, otherwise known as the first chance to see who was the first one evicted from the game. There was some heated competition, but at the end, there was only one person who could emerge still standing in the house.

Before we get into that, can we first roll our eyes at Karen for nominating Demetres Giannitsos and Mark Chrysler? She had a golden opportunity week one to make a move to help the newbies, and instead she made a move that played hard into the hands of the returning players. She put up two of the most threatening first-time players, and we don’t think they would’ve come after her at all if she targeted someone like a Neda or Kevin instead.

Let’s make it clear that if it’s Karen’s goal to be the Adam Poch of Big Brother Canada 5, more power to her. Adam played a great third-place / second-place game. She can to! She’s just not going to win by playing into the newbies’ hands. She may say that she was thinking about targeting a returning player after eviction, but who knows?

Ultimately, Bruno won the caveman veto, which meant that Karen couldn’t switch the nominations around even if she wanted to.

Here’s where we get bummed out

For one, we saw a really interesting split vote … and only about ten or so minutes to show the deliberations for it. Why couldn’t we get live feeds for this? This is our favorite part of the game just because things are more often than not a dumpster fire. Kevin and Bruno seemed intent on keeping Mark, while Gary and Cassandra found themselves on the outside of the vote. Gary confronting Ika on the vote led to our biggest fight of the first week, as Ika completely tore into Sindy for spreading around information.

The eviction vote

Mark is gone. Alas Mark, not that we knew you all that well and could even care about you. We did think in the pre-game that he had something more to him beyond just the typical muscled-up bartender, but alas we didn’t really get a good chance to see it.

The twist

Well, it looks like Neda is now safe until jury! We don’t love the decision at all, mostly because it makes it so much harder to reward her game at the end. It can still happen if she plays amazing (definitely possible) or she finds a completely chump to sit at the end with. However, if she is there with someone competent, we easily can envision scenarios where that person gets more votes just because they had a harder road.

Do you think that the houseguests evicted the right person, or is it too early for you to even care? Share in the comments below!

Also, head over here if you want to read more on when the live feeds could end up returning. (Photo: Global.)

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