Better Call Saul season 3 photo: Jimmy takes a stand

Better Call Saul season 3Does this Better Call Saul season 3 photo get you all the more excited about what’s coming up? If nothing else, it’s a fun little way to get excited about the return of one Jimmy McGill … and the return of Los Pollos Hermanos to go along with it. Remember here that the fried-chicken joint is a staple of the Breaking Bad universe, and that Gus Fring will be coming up in some capacity over the course of the upcoming episodes.

The image HERE was first posted over on the show’s official Twitter, and as easy as it is to be stoked about it, it’s also rather difficult to understand the context of it. What in the world is going on here? Well, maybe this is meant to be some publicity still that’s not in the show, but if this is actually going on in the show itself, our feeling is that Jimmy is using the fried-chicken place as a way to influence a point.

We’ve certainly come to know over time, both on this show and on Breaking Bad, that Jimmy is a guy with a knack for the theatrical. He likes to make a big show, just as much as he likes to  have as many people around him to make him feel like he’s doing a good job. He thinks that appearance matters just as much as action, and there’s certainly something about this image that is captivating. If you look back at Jimmy’s career to date, some of his best moments have come when he is showing off his dramatic flair. Think back to the billboard stunt during “Hero,” or then his attempt at creating a commercial for Davis & Main last season. He knows what he wants, and isn’t afraid to break the rules in order to get it.

Unfortunately, his rule-breaking could get him in a little bit of danger on Better Call Saul season 3 — just remember for a minute that some promos that are out there featuring him getting arrested and having a booking photo taken. It certainly doesn’t help that he has a brother in Chuck who is self-serving and doesn’t like the idea of Jimmy getting ahead using his unconventional means.

The new season of Better Call Saul premieres on AMC April 10.

What’s your take on this Better Call Saul season 3 photo? Share some of your thoughts in the comments! (Photo: AMC.)

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