Dancing with the Stars 24: Will David Ross and Lindsay Arnold catch a victory?

David Ross and Lindsay Arnold -David Ross is in some ways the perfect Dancing with the Stars contestant. He’s coming off of the biggest year of his entire life, he looks like the dad who dances embarrassingly at his kids’ birthday parties, and he’s going to have a lot of fans thanks to his time with the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs. Sometimes when you’re a bit of a journeyman athlete, you don’t tend to have a lot of fans from any one place. Having some World Series victories should in some ways change that.

In order to better gauge David Ross and Linsday Arnold’s chances of winning Dancing with the Stars season 24, we’re going to look at this further in the latest edition of our ongoing spotlight series. Will he be able to do a perfect freestyle in the finale like he hit a home run in Game 7 against the Cleveland Indians?

Claim to fame – Retired MLB catcher who played for several teams, including the aforementioned Red Sox and Cubs. He became the oldest player to hit a home run in the World Series last year, and became a little bit of a folk hero as a result of that. Catchers sometimes don’t get the recognize they deserve, so that’s what makes it all the more fun to see him get a chance to shine on this season. (In general, baseball’s probably been under-represented on Dancing with the Stars over the years — shockingly, he’s the first-ever pro baseball player to compete.)

Partner – Lindsay Arnold. She’s coming off of performing with Calvin Johnson, and she’s made it far multiple times with Wanya Morris and Alek Skarlatos, as well. She’s done a great job working with athletic Stars before, so she should be able to forge a good connection with David in the ballroom.

Strengths – He seems like he’s there to have a good time more than anything, which should be a significant asset for him. We’re not sure anyone expects him to be a great dancer since he’s not someone entering the season with a lot of buzz; therefore, he may be able to surprise some people. He’s an underdog, and Cubs fans are crazy-devoted. You have to be to recover from losing as many times as they did over the years.

Weaknesses – It’s hard to imagine many situations unfolding where Ross gets better scores than someone like Heather Morris with dance experience or someone like Simone Biles who’s used to being scored by a panel of judges. We also don’t know if there’s the same sort of connection that baseball players will have to dancing that we often seen with NFL stars. Ross’ biggest struggle is just going to be learning the moves and being able to present them and his personality at the same time.

Prediction – David’s probably the guy we’re rooting for more than anyone else. First of all, the Cubs is one of our favorite teams alongside the Padres and the Blue Jays. Second, we like to cheer on these guys who really are starting Dancing with the Stars on the ground floor. We don’t expect him to go super-far, but here’s to hoping that he does.

What do you want to see from David Ross and Lindsay Arnold this season? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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