24: Legacy episode 8 preview: Andy’s struggle

24: Legacy episode 8 -Next week, 24: Legacy episode 8 is going to be here, one that could find a way to (somehow) add to the tension that is already there, and give you a little bit of something more in the process to look forward to. There are many things to get excited about as we look towards this episode, with one of the biggest ones being a simple matter of figuring a little bit more about how we’re going to see Andy react to everything that is going on within the CTU team. There will be tension between multiple parties, and some conflict that threats to spiral relationships out of control.

Also, Carlos Bernard is going to be returning once more as Tony, so you have that to look forward to just in case you’re not excited enough about everything else. (Hey, we certainly do get it that there are some people out there interested in watching the show for the prospect of seeing Tony above anything else.)

Synopsis – “Mullins and CTU try and track down Carter, as Andy is forced to do something he doesn’t want to do. Meanwhile, Rebecca’s interrogation techniques lead Donovan to question her judgment, and Isaac turns to his friends for help.”

What is this? A member of CTU (in this case Rebecca) questioning whether or not they are doing the right thing? Well, this just seems to be par for the course at this point within the 24 universe.

24: Legacy episode 8 promo – This is where you really start to see things get a little bit tense, mostly because of Rebecca and John putting themselves through the wringer and questioning their entire relationship. The truth in our mind is that the relationship between these two characters is the best part of the season, largely because of the fact that you’ve got Jimmy Smits and Miranda Otto in these roles. Anytime you can get these two titans facing off is something that you really should celebrate. That’s not meant to be a slight against Eric, but we could watch these two characters specifically all day.

We’ll be back tomorrow, since we’re going to have some of the latest ratings on the show to report on.

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