Billions season 2 episode 5 preview: The idea game

Billions season 2Where are we going next when it comes to Billions season 2 episode 5? Showtime just released their newest promo for what is going to be up next. Let’s just say that Axe is now motivated so much more than he’s ever been to get what he wants … and what he wants is a wide array of different things. Revenge is at the top of it.

As you recall from tonight, Damian Lewis’ character was incensed at the though of Chuck Rhoades costing him the opportunity to won a professional football team, which was in turn his own attempt at image rehabilitation and showing himself to be something far more in the public eye. To be fair, we’re not quite sure how it ever got to the point where Bobby thought that this was a deal that he could actually get done, given the sole fact that he’s made a living for most of the series off of the idea that he could do something like this when you stop and think about just how many people he’s kicked to the curb. He was doing it long before the show started, and odds are that he will be doing it after the show ends, as well.

The promo below doesn’t focus much at all on the NFL storyline, but it does make it clear that Chuck’s latest attempt to destroy Axe is going to come via someone from the inside. Meanwhile, Bobby in turn will try to think of some ways to destroy his longtime rival in the way of his own latest acts.

Synopsis – “Chuck must rely on an anxious insider. Axe scouts ideas for a quick play.”

What’s so interesting about the place we’re in on the series is that the storytelling is so effective, and yet at the same time we’ve only seen a limited about of time in which the main characters have all been onscreen with each other at the same time. Also, we contend that the women of the show still need more time — the scenes tonight featuring Lara in particular showed how aggressive that she can, and also just how much different that she is from her husband. She is someone who acts with a unique sort of precision, and is able to think in underhanded terms.

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