TV Madness 2017: NCIS and The Fall face off in Round One

There is only one more day beyond today in the first round of our TV Madness 2017, and with that, we’re starting to get a good picture of where the results are stacking up. Some showdowns so far have been blowouts, whereas some others have been fairly tight matches to the end. With that in mind, there are some obvious, tangible similarities between this and actual NCAA Tournaments, which tend to be wonderfully competitive and down to the wire.

Take a look at the two contenders today in NCIS and The Fall — what’s great about this one is that they are two shows that come from different parts of the world, but are in a sense about the same thing in someone trying to take out a bad person / people in order to make the world a better place. One has a huge mainstream following, and the other one has a small buy loyal audience. In other words, this showdown could get rather interesting.

NCIS (#4 seed) – Here, we’ve got the mainstream favorite, a show that’s been on for fourteen years and is going to be entering its fifteenth soon. Yet, here’s the interesting dichotomy that it faces. In spite of all of its long-term success and being one of the most-watched series around the world, it doesn’t often win many fan polls. Will that change this year, or will it be further proven that this is a largely casual audience? We don’t think this poll will prove anything one way or another, but it should be fun to see.

The Fall (#5 seed) – We suppose to some who are coming to this article as NCIS fans, they may wondering why the seedings are so close. They likely haven’t seen this brilliant series anchored by Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan, or seen its performance in some other polls over the years. This is probably the last poll that we can ever include the show for in anything (other than maybe the Emmys), given that we only tend to leave eligibility for such things open for about a year or so after they premiere. Will the saga of Paul Spector and Stella Gibson be memorable and worthy enough for readers to send it through to the next round? Time shall tell!

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