MacGyver, MacGarrett, and the next Hawaii Five-0 crossover event

MacGyver and McGarrett -Tonight on CBS, we’re getting our chance to see the first Hawaii Five-0 / MacGyver crossover event. The main reason in which we describe it as such is simply because of our hope that this will be far from the last one that we get a chance to see. These are shows that bring a lot of fun to the table, and as we’ve said several times now, they help each other in terms of the ratings. There’s not really any tangible reason to avoid putting the two shows together, other than maybe that you hate fun and don’t want to give people an opportunity to check out fun, interesting things.

The one thing that makes this a slightly smaller crossover event tonight is that it’s really only confined to MacGyver, though we know the events of it will be mentioned in the Hawaii Five-0 crossover in some shape or form. Also, the characters involved on MacGyver are being limited to Kamekona, Chin, and Kono.

Here’s what we are hoping for next time: An event that is even more epic, one that spans the two different shows, and one that gives you a real clash of the show titans. We want Angus MacGyver in one corner, and then Steve McGarrett in the other. With this, it probably means that you get all of the characters around them, and this gives you the most flexibility in terms of stories that you can tell.

We also think that it would be the most interesting in terms of story, given that Jack has some sort of history with Steve that’s established. We don’t know precisely how well they know each other, but Jack must be the guy who goes to all of the law-enforcement family reunions or something. The guy knows just about everyone in one way or another.

For those wondering why the crossover wasn’t even bigger this time around, the simple answer to that is pretty simple: Logistics. Given that you’ve got two shows filming in two different parts of the country with different schedules, planning this out can take months. However, at the start of the season MacGyver only had thirteen episodes. They weren’t able to plan for this in advance simply because they didn’t quite know how many episodes they were going to get of the show. If the season 2 renewal happens this spring, it’s fair to say that there will be PLENTY of time to plan this out and make it into a larger event.

As for a larger CBS universe crossover, that’s also possible in theory — given that Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS: Los Angeles have crossover over before, it’s possible that these two shows, plus MacGyver, the two other NCIS shows, and Scorpion could all be linked together in dome way. Can you throw Blue Bloods in there while you’re at it? We figure that Bull would be a little more challenging unless Dr. Bull was secretly a twin to Tony DiNozzo in some shape or form.

You can see more about the MacGyver / Hawaii Five-0 crossover now by visiting the link here.

What sort of future crossovers would you love to see within this world? Share now with a comment! (Photo: CBS.)

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