MasterChef Junior season 5 episode 5 review: Hitting the field for a team challenge

MasterChef Junior season 5 episode 5 review -One of the things that is different about MasterChef Junior as opposed to the flagship show is that what you really get here more so than anything else is a slower pace. They don’t feel the need to rush anything, which is why we got an episode that brought all of the kids out in the field in order to cook for people who really deserve a great meal: First responders.

Structurally, this challenge was similar to almost every other field task we’ve seen on the flagship show. You had team captains in Adam and Shayne doing their best to lead the blue and red teams, and they had to encourage some of their team members in order to cook the perfect steak. Given that we would’ve done terrible at this as a grown adult, our heart goes out to all of the kids who actually had to deal with being in the thick of this, cooking in the heat. They all did a good job!

So what happened to cause the blue team to lose? In the early going, Adam shouldered some of the blame, given that it appeared as though his leadership style was one that was causing some chaos. He wasn’t speaking out enough, which lead to Gonzalo determining that he needed to take over. Unfortunately, Gonzalo as the leader ended up turning into even more chaos, since he was almost like a little Gordon Ramsay minus the cooking and with more yelling. Eventually he was calmed down, but the reviews on the food were pretty uneven.

After the red team won, Ramsay informed the group that two people from the blue team would be heading home from the kitchen. That was not an easy thing for any of them to hear, but it’s naturally a part of this competition and something that, in life, they’ll have to deal with: Heartbreak. It happens.

Who went home?

It came down tonight to Adam, Gonzalo, and Charlie, and for the latter, it was especially tough since he got sick. The judges decided that of the three, Adam should stay. That means that we said goodbye to both Gonzalo and Charlie tonight.

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