The Blacklist: Redemption episode 3: Prepare for Tom Keen – Scottie Hargrave tension

Tom Keen - Scottie Hargrave -

The Blacklist: Redemption episode 3 will be airing tonight on NBC, and the one thing we can tell you in advance of it is to prepare for some unexpected drama in “Independence, USA.” After all, the story for the episode is most unusual. Tom Keen is going to find himself halfway around the world in Russia, though in a town that could have several mirrors to America. As a result of some interactions throughout the episode, maybe you learn more about the Tom Keen – Scottie Hargrave dynamic in the process.

We can already imagine some of the political implications of this story, which we wrote about back when we first did our episode 3 preview last week. Russia is obvious in the news a great deal these days, and we cannot think it’s coincidence that we’re getting a story that is a Russian reflection on America — even though this episode was written many weeks in advance.

If you haven’t seen The Blacklist: Redemption episode 3 promo just yet, we’ve enclosed that below — it gives you a further sense of what the series is going for in terms of its style and tone, and also some of the stakes that Tom will find himself up against. Remember when he thought that this would be a short mission working with Halcyon Aegis? Well, let’s just say that this notion crumbled pretty quickly.

Beyond the basics of the mission, and in terms of some direct Tom Keen – Scottie Hargrave tension, you can expect that Tom almost right away is not going to be altogether receptive to some of his latest orders to go to the town. He’s going to try to put taking off, albeit briefly, for an important meeting he has … one that he won’t tell Scottie about in advance. Given that this is Scottie Hargrave, you can’t be altogether shocked to learn that she’s not thrilled with secrecy.

As for Mr. Solomon’s role in “Independence, USA,” all we can tell you for the time being is that Scottie’s got some other plans for him than going with Tom. Therefore, she has her own ways of keeping secrets from him! This is a part of the natural back and forth that exists with this show.

What do you want to see on The Blacklist: Redemption episode 3 tonight? Share below, and be sure to come back following the episode for a full review of what transpires. (Photo: NBC.)

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