Big Brother Canada 5: Sindy Nguyen pre-game interview (exclusive)

Sindy Nguyen pre-game interview -

We will be honest in saying that Sindy Nguyen, a.k.a. “Sindy with an S,” is not someone we anticipated entering the Big Brother Canada 5 house. In retrospect, though, we do understand it! She was a warrior in challenges, she stirred up drama, and she holds the interesting distinction of being the only person this season to already be evicted two separate times. (If you recall, Gary Levy finished in second, and was therefore only sent out of the house once.)

Will Sindy figure out a way to take home the grand prize this time around, and avoid an unprecedented third booting from the game? We want to figure that out in this Sindy Nguyen pre-game interview for Big Brother Canada 5.

CarterMatt What made you want to come back and do this again?

Sindy Nguyen – I’m very grateful to be asked to come back, and I don’t think anyone who was asked would back out of the opportunity. I feel like I had to come back, since there’s $100,000 waiting for me.

What was the biggest thing you learned about yourself from the first time you played?

I think a lot of people judged me in the house, and I did that with other players, as well. I need to be more open-minded with different players, and embrace them into my gameplay.

How are you going to change your strategy from the first time?

My strategy is to work on my social game. I don’t think I created enough connections the first time around to benefit my game. I stuck with my own people, and I wasn’t a benefit to other people. I have to talk to more people!

Even though people saw your game the first time, do you think you’ll still be able to surprise people in any way?

Definitely. Although you saw my game, you saw four weeks of it condensed into that. People didn’t see the full me — they saw little parts of me. The first time around, it was me embracing the environment and getting to know it better. The second time around, it’s me knowing my plans and integrating them beforehand.

People don’t really know who I am as a player. They think of me as a character for TV, and I’m okay with them thinking that. I hope people will continue to think that. I don’t think people have seen me play — they just saw me fighting for my life, and that’s it.

What do you think your biggest weakness could be this time?

It’s the fact that I’ve already played. Whoever is playing with me may look at that as an advantage, that I know the game, or a disadvantage in that they may try to get me out because they’ve already seen me play.

Is there anything that you’re nervous about entering the house?

I’m nervous about failing. It’s one thing to be evicted once; it’s another thing twice. I like to think of Big Brother as the love of your life, and you’re heartbroken not once, but twice. My biggest fear is being evicted for a third time and not getting to show who I am as a player. I don’t want to be first boot or pre-jury; I just want to win!

Other than winning the money, what’s the one thing you’re hoping to get out of your second experience?

It is PURELY money. Everything else I needed and wanted from the show, I got it the first time around.

Our snap judgment

Sindy is not the sort of player who we think will be targeted immediately by anyone, whether it be new players or returnees. Her big issue is that she has this inability to get out of her own way. She causes problems for herself far more than she needs to, like when she expended so much social capital with the Jordan vote only to follow him out the door not too long after that. Sindy with an S is a big character, but we still don’t see her being a winner with a W.

Do you think that Sindy Nguyen’s got what it takes to win Big Brother Canada 5? Be sure to share in the comments below! (Photo: Global.)

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