Chicago PD season 4 spoilers: Meet Kim Burgess’ sister!

Burgess' sister -For those of who who are looking for some more Chicago PD family life, we come bearing good news: Kim Burgess sister will be stopping by for a visit! However, what is good for us as a viewer is not necessarily good for Burgess and her relationship with Ruzek (or for whatever is going on between them at the moment).

On March 29 Chicago PD episode 18 will be airing with an episode entitled “Little Bit of Light,” where you are going to have a chance to see Jules Wilcox (of Bloodline fame) stop by in the role of Burgess’ sister Nicole. Unfortunately, we cannot say that things go altogether well given that she doesn’t have the best attitude in the world towards Ruzek. Who wants to guess that this may have something to do with what happened with the engagement? Protective siblings have a way of butting in with good intentions sometimes even if it’s not appreciated. Burgess may be getting closer to Ruzek again, but that doesn’t mean that everyone in her family has to approve.

Bringing in Burgess’ sister now feels like the right move, especially since one of the best things about having a show go on this long is that you want to expand the world outward as much as you can. That means allowing the writers to explore various family members and personal dynamics. Plus, Burgess’ own relationship with Ruzek can be evaluated in a new way through the communications that she had with her sister. There’s plenty of that we certainly were not privy to over the course of the series’ run.

Alas, there is no new episode of Chicago PD tonight, so for the time being getting to see Kevin Atwater and Hank Voight on recent episodes of Chicago Justice is going to have to be enough to tide you over for the time being. Chicago PD will return in two weeks on March 22, so “Little Bit of Light” will be the episode that follows it up. We imagine that another character or two will also pop over to another edition of the One Chicago franchise by the end of the spring, largely because because it’s become even more commonplace over the past couple of months.

Before you go…

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What do you want to see from Burgess’ sister on Chicago PD? Be sure to share some of your thoughts now with a comment! (Photo: NBC.)

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