Big Brother Canada 5: Mark Chrysler pre-game interview (exclusive)

Mark Chrysler pre-game interview -If you look at Mark Chrysler on the surface, he’s probably going to be the sort of Big Brother Canada contestant you’re inclined to pre-judge. After all, the 24-year old from Edmonton is a good-looking, muscular bartender, so it’ll be easy to classify him as one of the bros.

In this Mark Chrysler pre-game interview, however, we got the sense that Mark may have a little more substance than just his muscles and his great hair. He’s very much self-aware of his strengths and weaknesses, and he feels a little bit like a less-strategic Zach from Big Brother Canada 3 with a little bit of Jon Pardy mixed in.

CarterMatt – What made you want to try out for Big Brother Canada?

Mark Chrysler – Well, it’s a big game, and I love games. It would test me physically and mentally against the other competitors. Growing up and playing a lot of sports in my life, I’ve always loved to compete. I kind of want to see what [the show] has to offer.

Also, the prize at the end doesn’t hurt, either.

If you could compare yourself to someone from Big Brother Canada or Big Brother US, who would it be?

It definitely would be Emmett. He was a very down-to-heart, country-boy guy, and he ended up getting the girl at the end. He played a dominant physical and social game, and that’s what I really want to bring to the table as well. He was the sort of guy who I could have a beer with at a bar and be really good friends with.

What’s something about you that would surprise people?

At first, a lot of times I can be a little shy and not say too much. I think that could work to my advantage, especially in Big Brother Canada since you don’t want to say too much. You could say the wrong thing to the wrong person and you could be gone the next week.

Once I get really comfortable I could be really silly and really fun. I’m not afraid to laugh at myself. A lot of people wouldn’t expect that from me, a really tall guy who loves to work out. I’m not afraid to laugh at myself.

Do you have a specific strategy entering the house?

I don’t have a really structured strategy. I really want to go into the house and play a very strong physical game in competitions, and I want to play a really strong social game. The social game, some could say, is the biggest part. I want to keep my head down and make as many friends as possible, while at the same time create a strong alliance with strong competitors that could help me get far in the game.

What do you think your biggest weakness could be?

The mental challenges. I definitely consider myself a lot more brawn than brain (laughs), but I want to develop a really strong alliance, especially with people who could do better in mental challenges.

Is there anything that you’re nervous about entering the house?

Not so much nervous, but I kind of see myself coming home and going back to work and everything being just like the way it was. I know it’s going to be a little different. It might be scary or a little exciting what I come home to, but we’ll just have to see when we get there.

Other than winning the money, what’s the one thing you’re hoping to get out of this experience? Are you hoping for fame, romance, or just a good experience?

Just a great experience. I want to try everything once. I never want to say no on any opportunity, especially a big one like this. I love competing, and I especially love games. Getting the overall experience out of this is the biggest thing for me.

Our snap judgment

The easy assumption is that Mark is the Graig or the Tom who gets sent home pretty early after he wins an early Head of Household. However, we do think that with there being returning players on this season, they may view him as a little bit more of an asset. We’re not sure that he’s got the strategic chops to win, but he could make it much further than the typical bartender bro does just because he’s not going to be brash and he could be useful to a more mental player.

Let us know what you think about this Mark Chrysler pre-game interview, and his chances of winning Big Brother Canada 5, in the comments! (Photo: Global.)

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