Big Brother Canada 5: Kevin Martin pre-game interview (exclusive)

Kevin Martin pre-game interview -If you look at who are some of the best Big Brother Canada players out there (at least on paper), you have to think that Kevin Martin tops the list. He’s incredibly smart, incredibly strategic, and he can win competitions at almost any point. He was an easy pick to win back when he was on season 3, but unfortunately, he was almost too good of a player to survive the target put on his back. He was an obvious threat, and while he evaded some early scares, he was eventually done away with in the dreaded triple-eviction. Kevin had one of the more unfortunate exits of the season, though we’re not sure it compares to what happened to Bruno (read our Bruno Ielo pre-game interview from this season) or to Willow.

In our Kevin Martin pre-game interview, we talk with him about what he’s changing about his game this time, if there is any way that he will surprise people at this point, and also how nervous he is to be going back into the game.

CarterMatt – What made you want to come back and do this again?

Kevin Martin – Good question (laughs). It was a combination of things, dude. The story didn’t finish the first time. The story was written, but I went out in the middle part of the game. I feel like there is more of my story to be told in terms of what I offer as a player and what I bring to television. Last time, I didn’t finish the meal. This time I came back for redemption and glory, and I think I’ll do better this time.

What was the biggest thing you learned about yourself from the first time you played?

That I need to tone it down in certain areas. I’m confident in certain parts of my life and my career — I exude confidence — but a lot of times, that can be perceived as arrogance. I have to be careful with that. They don’t see the confident Kevin who believes in himself; they see this arrogant, cocky kid. I got to tone it down and keep it hushed a little bit more.

How are you going to change your strategy from the first time?

It’s very, very different this time. A lot of people have seen me play before, and they know I’m a physical and mental threat. This time, I can’t hide that. I have to get going from the start. I need to find other power players and work with them. Last time I was scared of the power players — the Naehas, the Graigs, the Brunos. I was scared of these big personalities. This time, I need to find those personalities and work with them. I don’t know who’s going to be in there, whether it’s a Neda, a Gary, a Tom Plant, a Jon Pardy. If these people are in there and we go after each other, we’re going to ensure our destruction. We need to [work with] each other and work together and get rid of floaters.

Even though people saw your game the first time, do you think you’ll still be able to surprise people in any way?

Yeah! For sure. I can show people that I’ve learned how to be a better social player, and I can go super-deep in this game.

In terms of winning competitions, I don’t think that I can throw any this time. I threw a lot of competitions last time. I’m assuming that there’s going to be a lot of returning players — I don’t know what format this is — this is going to be Big Brother on steroids. There’s a learning curve to Big Brother. Now that all of us are over that, it’s going to be a very fast game … Things are going to be very impulsive and very quick. Any time that I can win a competition, whether it is HoH or Power of Veto, I can’t imagine I would throw it. If I threw a competition and I went home, I probably couldn’t live with myself.

What do you think your biggest weakness could be this time?

During my first season, loyalty wasn’t a big thing for me. I turned my back on Johnny, I wasn’t super-loyal to people and people saw that. This time I want to be loyal. I may have a perception based on my first time that I played.

Is there anything that you’re nervous about entering the house?

Of course! I’m extremely nervous. I’m terrified of going out pre-jury, I’m terrified of getting evicted. It’s a painful thing. I want to win so bad. I’ve thought over that triple-eviction almost every day since it happened.

How many people get to play one time? Almost nobody. How many people get to play Big Brother twice? Almost nobody. I’m in this super-blessed position, and I want to make it count so, so badly.

Other than winning the money, what’s the one thing you’re hoping to get out of your second experience?

The championship! The title. The money is amazing and it would change my life and speed up my career. Not a lot of people have been Big Brother champion, but this one would be extra special. If you can beat returning players, it shows you are one of the best. I think that this is going to be some sort of All-Stars, so if I can take home this title, it would cement my Big Brother legacy, I would be loved by the fans, it would mean everything to me.

Our snap judgment

Kevin’s a great player and he has all of the tools to win this game. The issue he’s going to run into is that the secret sauce has already been revealed. Everyone knows he’s a poker player, and he can’t hide any of his skills. Even if he plays straight-up, they’ll be a fear that he’s being sneaky. He’s got a shot, but it’s going to be very difficult road for him to get to the end.

Let us know what you think about this Kevin Martin pre-game interview, and his chances of winning Big Brother Canada 5, in the comments!

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