TV Madness 2017: Law & Order: SVU and Supernatural face off in Round One

Law & Order: SVU and Supernatural -In the second TV Madness 2017 showdown of the day (head over here to see Once Upon a Time vs. MacGyver), we’re looking at two shows who, on paper, don’t have a lot in common. One of them is a crime drama that takes on matters that couldn’t be more serious. Meanwhile, the other is a science fiction series that alternates between being incredibly meaningful and incredibly silly.

Then, when you start to think about it, maybe both Law & Order: SVU and Supernatural have a little more in common than you would first think. Both shows have been on the air a little bit longer than a decade, and at the same time, they’ve also really established themselves as iconic in their respective genres. We consider this to be a real clash of the titans, and it is going to be rather fun to see what audience ends up emerging on top. For the record, voting for the two shows will remain open until we get around to March 16, so you’ve got plenty of time to get in there and cast your votes in the poll below!

Law & Order: SVU (#2 seed) – Just like you would never want to discount Olivia Benson, you also would never want to discount this show in anything voted on by the fans. It remains one of the most popular series of its kind, it has a passionate following online, and you can somehow still argue that it doesn’t get enough attention or awards recognition for everything that it’s done. Winning the tournament this year would just be another victory in what is an impressive and incredibly-long list of achievements.

Supernatural (#7 seed) – You can argue the very same sort of thing here, and while we consider this show an underdog in terms of its total viewership, what we’ve seen a few times over now is that it its fan army will fight for anything, whether it be People’s Choice Awards, TV Guide covers, or many other honors for both the show and its cast. It’s more creative than almost anything else on TV, and it has that rare distinction that it could probably stay on the air as long as its stars want to make it happen.

Now, let’s turn this entire showdown over to you! This entire tournament is meant to be fun, so we hope you get into the spirit of celebrating all things great TV.

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