Supercorp update: Did Supergirl episode ‘Exodus’ deliver biggest moment yet?

Supercorp update -

Mrs. Carter: Is this Supercorp update a sign of the movement continuing on Supergirl?

Well, define “movement.” While the show may not be treating the relationship superficially as anything more than a friendship on-camera, tonight’s episode “Exodus” brought us a moment that feels undeniably as though the writers are very well aware of the fandom who sees something in Kara / Lena as a romantic pairing.

We don’t think we even need to put in a whole lot of effort to indicate just what moment we’re talking about here. Specifically, we’re discussing Lena getting knocked off of the edge of a building, and in turn Supergirl managing to pick her up and carry her to safety. We imagine that by tomorrow morning, there will probably be at least a hundred or so gifs of that moment, and all of a sudden so many stories and fan-art pieces out there are being validated.

It’s honestly too difficult to say what the writers or producers of the show have in store for the future, but really regardless of anything else, the moment tonight further showed something that we’ve been reinforcing for a rather long time with all shows — every romantic pairing is valid in its own way, and shows shouldn’t do anything to discourage fans from using their imagination. Even if Supercorp doesn’t become a full-fledged relationship on the show, there’s nothing wrong with fans rooting for them. The same goes for every other ‘ship that exists within the show’s universe. The most important things are that the support behind the pairing remains positive and fun, and that the show continues to tell their story in the best way that appeals to everyone.

In the end, though, we clearly think that this moment tonight is one that will go down in Supercorp history. It may even be more memorable than the conversation at the end of “Luthors,” even if that one may have been a little more extensive. This was more about just a small, individual moment that created a perfect internet visual.

For some more news when it comes to tonight’s new episode of Supergirl, including what could be coming up next, just be sure to head over to the link here. (Photo: The CW.)

Do you like that Supergirl is putting in a Supercorp moment or two in their episodes these days? Share some of your thoughts with a comment. Also if you are looking for more about Supercorp specifically then head on over to the link here where we talk more about why this ship is not only important, but why the writers should really explore this.

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