The Bachelor episode 10 review: Was Rachel Lindsay eliminated before finale?

Rachel Lindsay eliminated -Tonight, The Bachelor episode 10 basically took care of the inevitable. Was Rachel Lindsay eliminated just in time to go forward as the Bachelorette? Read on to find out…

Well, you probably did not even need to see this episode in order to know this information, but the overnight dates did turn out to be Rachel’s swan song. Nick Viall sent her home, which means that now we’re left with Raven Gates and Vanessa Grimaldi at the final two. As for the reasoning why, we got more of the same sort of classic Bachelor stuff — specifically, that she was holding something back and there wasn’t the same something between the two of them that wasn’t at the same level of Nick’s other relationships.

You can argue about the excuse until the cows come home, but you’d be having the same argument about every other show under the sun. The reality here is still that she is gone, and there’s nothing else that can be done about it. You just have to move on to the next phase of the competition.

For Rachel, it really is best that she was eliminated here, given that had she made it to the final two, it would’ve messed almost everything up in terms of her being able to have another season of the show cast for her. The reason they announced this upcoming season early was to get a more diverse cast. If she had made the final two, it feels almost like there was a zero percent chance that we’d ever see ABC do that. It just doesn’t make any sense for them to! The last thing that they’d want to do is give up the goods on their own finale. It’s different to spoil the final two result than the final three.

This episode, aside from Rachel’s elimination, is mostly notable just for the fact of seeing Nick and Vanessa fight a little bit over their future. This should be your first piece of substantial evidence that this relationship, romantic as it may be now, probably will have some serious trouble working out. If you think back to some other relationships that have existed over the years through this show, relocation and habitation is one of the reasons why so many couples split up.

Yes, we all know stuff happens in the fantasy suites, and that everything is always super-gushy and overly “fairy tale” at around this time. This is why in our mind overnight dates are the worst part of any season. We’re at this point reasonably eager to make it over to The Women Tell All. Grade: B-.

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