NCIS: Los Angeles season 8, episode 16 review: Callen’s family; saying goodbye

NCIS season 8, episode 16 -NCIS: Los Angeles season 8, episode 16 was a story that provided many different things for different people. If you wanted action sequences, you got that courtesy of a scene reasonably close to Seal Beach. If you wanted comedy, you had plenty of that, as well.

The mission tonight revolved around the disappearance of a military veteran, and someone who was previously within a senior citizen home. This, in turn, brought us the sensational Eddie and Ginger, played wonderfully by Debra Jo Rupp and Martin Mull. While the two were not connected in every way to the central story of the night, they were still all sorts of fun. The two were scam artists, and had a thing for coming into senior citizens and ripping off veterans. Despite their questionable way of doing business, the two proved themselves to be rather hilarious, and then also a little bit of a resource to Kensi and Deeks.

Are the two a look into the future for the two? We don’t see that, though we do know that there are some people online who’ve discussed that here and there. This was more of just a fun diversion from some of the more serious stuff in the episode, which included Beale and Nell getting a chance bond amidst everything that they’ve been through in the past year. Nell also told him that she was still seeing Nate, but as a psychologist.

As far as main stories go, this one proved to be rather interesting.

As for Callen…

Seeing a course of family confessions can be fun, but in this present circumstance, we found this one almost a tear-jerker. After spending so much of the series being a little bit more of a loner, tonight marked an opportunity for him to expand his social circle and his family group. In turn, we had the chance to see him start to find a little bit of happiness. This was something that’s been a long time coming for the character, but was certainly worthwhile.

Remembering Miguel Ferrer

This is something that the show gave us a tribute to at the end of the episode, and they handled this every bit as well as they could have all things considered. It was simple, but at the same time also effective and it worked well within the flow of the episode. After some comedy and a heartfelt moment for Callen, it felt right to end on something a little bit softer and reflective. We can only imagine what it was like filming that scene with Hetty and the empty bed where Granger once was.

Overall, “Old Tricks” was a nice return to typical form for the series after the mole arc — which still technically has some gas in the tank. This was fun at times, but also emotional at others. Grade: B.

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