Call the Midwife season 6, episode 7 review: Nurse Crane’s trouble; Trixie’s revelation

Nurse Crane arrested -

Tonight, Call the Midwife season 6, episode 7 revolved around a controversy we never saw coming: Seeing Nurse Crane be potentially arrested!

Who anticipated such an act, especially for what she accused of doing: Driving under the influence. She was involved in an automobile accident, and after spending some time being questioned by authorities, she found herself doubting her abilities. While she was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing, this did not mean that her confidence problem was washed away in the slightest. This is most likely a story that will take some time for Nurse Crane to sort out.

Was it nice to have a spotlight story for her? Certainly, but we do think that season 6 to date has a massive consistency problem. There have been so many different storylines that we’ve had a chance to see play out, but very few of them have come in succession. Instead, we’ve spent the majority of the time bouncing around from one character to another.

Trixie’s fears abated … sort of

Was her new man dentist Christopher secretly seeing someone else? After she was finding him unavailable, this started to cause the questions to swirl around in her head. However, she learned later that Christopher was hiding the fact that she had a child and a previous marriage. She judged him for hiding it more so than the secret itself, but he told her that this was a secret kept mostly because he wasn’t sure where the relationship was going to go. He didn’t want to open up about it until he started to know one way or another if the relationship was going to turn into something.

Eventually, she admitted to her that she also had a secret as a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, and he quickly understood why she wanted to keep that.

Thalidomide aftermath

While Dr. Turner was still struggling with the fact that his actions with the drug were causing so many deformities, the case of the week this time allowed for some opportunities for parents to realize that there were still options for the future, however difficult it may be. There are other parents who are in the same situation where they are trying to help their children. This is what support groups are for. It may be heartbreaking to have your children live at a specialized care center, there may be occasions in which this is the best.

When it comes to Dr. Turner, the only thing that he can do now is work on letting go. It may be difficult, but he is trying to things right to the best of his ability. Having the narration of Vanessa Redgrave updating us on the battle still waging over the drug was valuable — this isn’t always something needed or appreciated, but it was here.

Our overall take

This was a very strong, very emotional episode — though we do think that we could’ve moved a little faster with the pacing of certain stories. It’s still difficult to think that there is no Patsy return this close to the end, and that we’re also still waiting to see Shelagh welcome her new child. Episode Grade: B.

Want to preview the finale?

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