TV Madness 2017: Game of Thrones and Supergirl face off in Round 1

Game of Thrones vs. Supergirl -TV Madness is upon us! Today, that means a Game of Thrones vs Supergirl showdown to see which show gets the chance to move forward to the next round. For those new to the tournament (this is our second year doing it), the rules are simple: Vote however often you like, and the winner goes to the next round. It’s meant to be a fun, engaging exercise to have us all share our communal love of TV!

As the photo above indicates (click on it to enlarge, since we know it may be rather small otherwise), voting in this showdown will be open until we get around to March 13. At that point, the winner will advance to face either Vikings or NCIS: Los Angeles in what should be another good match.

Let’s break down the two contenders further.

Game of Thrones (#1 seed) – The HBO drama is used to being a front-runner. Think of it almost as the Kentucky of the shows taking part here. It’s the most successful show in HBO history, it’s one of the most-expensive ones out there, and it has fans all over the world. Nobody expects it to lose, but it can happen. Last year in the tournament, it made it down to the top eight and was eliminated in a stunner by The Blacklist. This is a chance to recover and get back to winning ways! Someone may need to check the dragons, though; does being able to breathe fire count as a performance enhancement?

Supergirl (#8 seed) – Then again, if you’re going to consider breathing fire an enhancement, Supergirl basically is the most overpowered character of all time who can withstand fire, lift airplanes, and probably leave the Unsullied running away screaming. She’s a powerful force, and much like the show still somehow likes to frame her as the ultimate underdog, it only makes sense that we also do so here. There’s a devoted following for all things Kara Danvers and friends out there, so it remains to be seen how many voters will come out in support.

Now, let’s leave this up to you! Check out the poll below, and let us know which show you think is the most worthy of pressing on to the next round.

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