Survivor: Game Changers spotlight: Debbie Wanner gets another title

Debbie -The great news for Debbie Wanner is this: Regardless of what happens on Survivor: Game Changers, she can add “returning player” to her job titles. She’s a huge character, but does that translate to make her a great player? That’s something we are very curious to see explored further in season 34. She did some things really great the first time around; however, she also face-planted in a few regards. She has to find that balance — and hopefully give amazing confessionals at the same time.

To think, this is the final Game Changers spotlight that we’re going to have this season. It’s a little bit crazy to think that we’ve already gone through 19 other players! Yet, here we are, and we remain every bit as eager to try and determine if Debbie has some of the tremendous skills necessarily to go in and completely dominate at the game.

Past performance – 9th place (Survivor: Kaoh Rong)

Historical perspective – She was described a good bit during her season as a female version of Coach, but we don’t think it’s quite that easy. She’s a more aggressive strategic player, and she is pretty perceptive as to what other people are doing and thinking. The show had a lot of fun with her courtesy of the crazy edit, all of the job titles, and the odd metaphors, but underneath all of that was someone who made it pretty far and could’ve had a pretty compelling case to make at the end.

Strengths – Debbie is very smart. She also has a great deal of life experience. She’s been around a wide array of people, and that serves her well when it comes to figuring out what other people around her are going to do and say in a given situation. She’s got an interesting ability to think outside of the box, and isn’t afraid to work with big targets. We see her specifically mention both Tony and Brad in the video below as people she could align with for a time. She’s not someone who tries to fit in or win in a traditional way; she goes by the beat of her own drummer, and does whatever she thinks works within her personality.

Weaknesses – Debbie, unfortunately, is not the second coming of Stephenie LaGrossa. (Maybe she could serve some filet minon pizza at one of her waitressing gigs? That’s about as deep a reference as we’ve made through 20 spotlights.) She’s not going to be great in some challenges, and for all of her abilities when it comes to reading other people, she doesn’t always perceive herself in the way others do. Her difference in play style is one of the reasons why Aubry wanted to get rid of her last season, and if she’s either thought of as inflexible or someone who will freelance a little too much in the game, it’s an easy reason to get rid of her.

Our prediction


Debbie is someone who, in her first season, didn’t have to worry about going to many Tribal Councils before the merge. Maybe she would’ve been in danger, but it’s hard to say and therefore it’s a moot point. This season, we’re worried about her in the early going just because the view of her as a big character may overshadow the merits that she brings as a character, and she may be wrongfully viewed as someone who can’t be trusted. She’s going to have to combat a lot while out in Fiji both in terms of that and her challenge ability. Also, there’s the whole fear that all of the Kaoh Rong people may work together. The odds are pretty high that at least one of them could make the final three, so if we were someone playing the game out there, we’d absolutely have this thought.

What is your take on Debbie going into Survivor: Game Changers? Can he pull off another win? Share in the comments. Before you go, we invite you to check out all of our other spotlights when it comes to the season. (Photo: CBS.)

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