Sleepy Hollow season 4, episode 10 preview: The battle becomes all the more personal

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For those of you out there who are ready to see things become even crazier and contentious on Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, here’s something that you really should know: There is going to be a chance on next week’s new installment for everything when it comes to the show and these characters to ratchet up a few notches.

Specifically, one of the big things that you can expect to see as we move a little bit further into the show is matters revolving around Dreyfuss starting to get a little more personal. Obviously, you thought that there was the motivation and drive to get rid of him before, but we’re here to tell you now that things are only going to get crazier as we inch further and further along this season. There will be some surprises, just as there will also be a number of occasions in which you wonder if every person on the show will make it through okay. The biggest thing you have to remember is just how chaotic the series got at one point last year, and what some of that chaos could mean as we start to press further and further into the story this time.

Synopsis – “When one of Diana’s mentors is targeted by a horrific monster, she decides that the team must channel all of their power toward stopping Dreyfuss. Meanwhile, Dreyfuss and Jobe have a breakthrough on a project of which Team Witness may not yet be aware.”

Do we think that this is going to be an eventful episode? You better believe it.

Promo – “I was a master at Rubik’s Cube.” This is the best line of the whole promo, which otherwise gives you a good sense of some of the trials and tribulations that the team is going to need to go through in order to resolve the mystery and stop the monster.

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