Arrow season 5 theory: Who is Vigilante?

Who is Vigilante -Last night, Arrow season 5 showed us the identity of Prometheus, and as a result of that, we got an answer to one of the season’s long-simmering questions. Yet, at the same time, another rose from the ashes: who is Vigilante?

(Warning: There are some big spoilers ahead.)

For most of this season, it was easy to not put a whole lot of stock into the Vigilante of it all, given the sole fact that he was going to be Adrian Chase in disguise. This is the way that it was in the comics, and therefore you could assume EASILY that this is the way that it would be in the show.

Yet, in making Chase Prometheus, the writers effectively threw viewers for a loop, tricking them into thinking that one thing was the case when it was actually something very different. They deliberately left in clues linking Vigilante and Chase for this very purpose. It certainly paid off.

In trying to figure out who is Vigilante now, we’re left with a rather interesting field of possibilities — there just aren’t that many of them.

Someone boring – This could be some nobody character we’ve barely heard of. This would make sense given that we’re already super-invested in one Big Bad story. There’s no real need to force a square peg into a round hole with this one.

Someone in the Anti-Crime Unit – Hey, Vigilante is stopping crime … though he is creating some of his own crime in the process.

Tommy Merlyn – Okay, we’re just kidding. There was enough of that with Prometheus.

Someone from Russia – Interesting as a means to tie the story together, but there is no point.

Paul – This is a theory that we saw on Reddit earlier today, and it’s an excellent one. Think about it. Paul didn’t want Curtis out on the streets, and this could’ve been him trying to keep him safe from himself. This also may explain why Paul wanted to divorce him, since he didn’t want that emotional attachment.

There really aren’t too many concrete candidates, so with that, you have to consider what possibilities do remain.

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